Rental/Operating Lease

This is where we purchase the asset at your request and rent it back to you for an agreed period.

This can be an efficient and cost-effective financing strategy, if you are continually upgrading equipment, or are seeking to minimise asset ownership risks.

While we own the asset and you rent it from us, at the end of the term you have the option to:

- Return the asset;
- Extend the contract; or
- Purchase the equipment

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Usage Based Finance

This is all about tailoring our finance solution to usage. We take the complexity out of the ongoing service plans, by offering one payment per month that covers multiple facets of the contract. This means one invoice to cover both Rental and monthly service charges. For Dealers, we will collect the agreed service or fee portion of the payment on your behalf, and then remit that portion to you each month. For end user customers, we simplify your payment processes where all of the details are laid out on one invoice for payment.

Let us know what you are trying to achieve, and we will identify the best way to set up your usage-based offer.

PMFA’s “cost per” or “service fee” offers have been provided to several industries and asset classes, including:    

- Multifunctional devices and printers;
- IT infrastructure systems;
- Security systems; and
- Point of sale equipment.

PMFA can offer vendors:    

- Committed service revenue monthly;
- All service revenues collected by us and remitted to you monthly;
- Easy upgrade path; and
- 24/7 visibility on contract progress

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