PMFA is a financier in its own right. By being a Financier in our own right, ensures that our loan products are designed with you and your customer’s needs in mind.

We take time to understand your business and the various types of plant & equipment you may require to keep your business growing and moving forward.  We are all about simple finance solutions.

We currently finance a wide range of commercial equipment including:

Multi-functional devices and printers

This is our specialty.

We finance any and all related printing equipment as well as offer all-inclusive print plan management

MFP Device
Security System
Security Systems

Businesses must protect themselves and their profit. We offer finance solutions for security equipment that give your customers peace of mind

- Alarm systems and associated monitoring equipment


- Safes and secure storage solutions

Power generation Systems

With the potential to reduce costs and benefit the environment, our finance offers on renewable energy products can really benefit your business’s bottom line

- Solar panels

- Regulators

- Battery storage equipment

- Power management systems

Solar Panels
Medical Equipment
Medical Equipment

We can help your business stay at the forefront of the medical industry by taking care of the capital outlay. With manageable monthly payments, getting the latest equipment is not as difficult as you may think

- Medical testing equipment

- Laboratory equipment

- Diagnostic equipment

- Medical beds

- Monitoring equipment

- Specialist gym equipment

Electronic signage

Help your business stand out and make meetings more interactive. Electronic signage is more than just flashing neon lights

- Digital display boards

- Electronic notice boards

- Interactive whiteboards

Digital Signage
Information technology infrastructure

Significantly improve your efficiency, reliability, speed and capacity by upgrading to the latest technology, communications and IT equipment

- Servers

- Desk top computers

- Tablets and laptops

- Communication systems

- Software and asset bundles

Warehouse equipment

Warehousing and storage can be a nightmare without the correct equipment. Our finance can help get things sorted with an easy monthly repayment

- Forklifts

- Container handling equipment

- Pallet handling equipment

- Cardboard crushing equipment

Business catering equipment

From neighbourhood cafes to large restaurants and hotels, we can help your customer realise their business dreams

- Dishwashers

- Refrigeration equipment

- Commercial ovens

- Other related major equipment

Point of sale equipment

Point of sale (POS) equipment is the smart way to run a business efficiently and effectively. We finance everything to do with POS and can also offer finance on ATM machines

POS Machine
Heavy Machinery
Industrial equipment

We can also offer finance on some of your larger commercial equipment. Ask us about any:

- Heavy machinery

- Manufacturing equipment

- Mining machinery

Other commercial equipment

You never know what you and your customer's might need in the future. We can finance a number of goods that you may not have realised

- Air conditioner systems

- Air compressors

- Water purification systems

- Pumping equipment for water, petrol and other related uses

- Cleaning equipment

- Washing equipment

- Garage repair equipment and tools

- Specialist salon equipment

Air conditioner

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